About Us

The Product

Jubon was created to give small towns a vehicle for an online presence and a way to organize the communities web pages. It gives each town a visual overview or map like the one you see to the right. The maps contain landmarks, parks, and businesses (to name a few).

By clicking on the map, users can control the movements of the little car we call the Jubon 8 . If the Jubon 8 stops in front of a business on the map, information for that business will be displayed.

If it stops in front of a landmark or park, you will see an image of that object. If a popup window is showing with information about a business or an image of a landmark, you can either click on the in the upper right hand corner of the popup window, or you can simply click on a new location that you would like the Jubon 8 to visit. As the Jubon 8 drives to the new location, any popup windows that are currently showing will be closed automatically.

If you would like to see what an icon on the map refers to, move your mouse over that icon and you will see what the business or landmark is without having to drive to it. If you click on the icon, you will see the popup window with the appropriate information. This is the same information that will be displayed if you drive the Jubon 8 to the location.

The Company

Jubon is a family owned business created by a Mother, Bonnie Meier, and her two children, Clint Korver and Juliana Korver.

The concept for Jubon was developed by Bonnie who served as an Iowa superintendent of schools for 15 years and is now a grant writer, educational consultant and serves on her community's city council. The product was created by Juliana who is a computer engineer and owns a web development company with her husband. Clint lends his business expertise as he is a serial entrepreneur and author.