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Networking Through Jubon

By Co-Founder: Bonnie Meier

One of the real benefits that can be realized through Jubon is the ability to network.  If one community needs a business and another has one that would like to expand, Jubon is the logical vehicle to transmit the mesage.  We would like to invite and encourage communities to submit articles for our monthly Jubon Journal, which comes out on the 24th of each month.


Nashua needs a grocery store

By Nashua Administrator: Mary Jean Parks

The city of Nashua, Iowa was crushed to have their grocery store close this summer. We are searching for someone who is interested in moving to Nashua and starting a business in our community. A survey was done and we have had three well-attended town-wide meetings. All want to see us regain that business.

Note: If anyone can help Nashua find a grocery store, contact Mary Jean at mjparks@live.com


Osage Press Release

By Osage Administrator: Wendy Heuton

The following is a press release that Wendy put in the Mitchell County Press News.

Have you seen some of the Main Street businesses with a little red car decal on the door and wondered what it was for? The little red car is the logo of JUBON.biz. What is JUBON.biz? During the August Chamber of Commerce Board meeting the founders of JUBON.biz presented an online demonstration and presentation about their company.

"JUBON.biz is the product of an idea I shared with my daughter, Juliana Korver, who holds a Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science." said co-founder Bonnie Meier, and continued, "I was looking for a way to give small towns an online presence like larger communities. JUBON.biz is an interactive map of a community with specific locations of businesses, ball fields, memorials, tourist attractions, library, fire station, post office, hospital, parks, landmarks, and service providers without a local storefront. At a minimal yearly cost, JUBON.biz is a membership investor benefit only open to Chamber member businesses to participate."

Wendy Heuton, Executive Director, said, "The Osage Chamber of Commerce Board was very excited about the online presentation, and most have already signed contracts with JUBON.biz for their businesses and are already located on the new link on the chamber website, www.osage.net/~chamber."

Heuton went on to say, "They saw the benefits of the program which is designed to increase local retail growth and enable businesses to better compete with online retailers. It also delivers a tangible value to our membership."

Heuton also said businesses and organizations will benefit from being Juboned because:

  • it is an easy, inexpensive stepping stone to an online presence,
  • they work with the chamber rather than an unknown internet company,
  • it is designed to increase their online exposure to local customers and other Jubon communities,
  • of the opportunity to promote business through online coupons and monthly incentives,
  • it builds good will by visibly supporting our local community.

"Potential shoppers will find it fun and a useful way to support the local business community. They will be able to find businesses, addresses and phone numbers through a visual interactive map, save money through local business and manufacturers' printable coupons." Korver said, adding, "The public will learn about JUBON.biz through promotions by subscribed businesses, promotions by the local chamber, the Jubon Journal- our monthly electronic newsletter, a steady stream of new coupons making for many return visits by cost conscious shoppers and promotions at state and national conferences and other Jubon promotional efforts. Our company is new and we continue to make upgrades to the website. Currently communities that have been Juboned are Orange City, Sioux Rapids, Osage, and Nashua."

The chamber director will be visiting businesses to explain how to become Juboned. For more information call 732-3163 or stop in the Chamber of Commerce office at 808 Main Street.

Note: Wendy has done a nice job of promoting Jubon and Osage has 19 businesses/organizations with billboards already.


Jubon.biz on the radio

By Co-Founders: Bonnie Meier & Juliana Korver

If you are in Northwest Iowa and listen to Sheldon's KIWA (1550 A.m/205.3 FM), you may hear the Jubon ad.  Jubon is sponsoring the KIWA weather report.  Listen for us as often as six times a day on KIWA.