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  Volume 1 Issue 6
 September 24th, 2009
By Co-Founders: Bonnie Meier & Juliana Korver

Nashua is a North East Iowa community of 1500 located in Chickasaw County. Though the community does not have a Chamber of Commerce, they do have an active group made up of individuals interested in promoting downtown businesses and special events. The group is called Main Street Matters and they will be our Jubon administrators for Nashua.

Though best known as the home of the Little Brown Church in the Vale, Nashua has many other hidden gems. Located next to the famous chapel, is the Old Bradford Pioneer Museum. Its billboard links to the Chickasaw Trails website. Another notable building that you will encounter on the way into town, is the new Welcome Center and perhaps the most unique business on the Nashua site so far is Chick-A-Dee Garden. Among many other things, this eclectic gift shop contains beautiful one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry.

Stop back periodically to see the new additions on the Nashua map. Also, if you would like to be sent an email reminder when new businesses, coupons or communities are added to the site, you can sign up here.

Thank you to the Main Street Matters and a special thank you to Mary Jean for all your hard work in getting Nashua "Juboned".

You can access Nahsua through the drop down box on the front page of jubon.biz, or you can go directly to the Nashua start page with the following link: http://jubon.biz/IA/Nashua/

By Co-Founder & CEO: Bonnie Meier

The static cling stickers have arrived. Jubon will provide a sticker to every business and organization on Jubon. We hope that everyone will put them on their front window or door so they can be identified as a Juboned business.

Personally, it is fun to walk into a business or organization and see the Jubon sticker. Although I anticipated that they would be placed so that customers can see them from the outside, I noticed that one customer had the readable side facing into his business. In this case it might be a good idea because it is a restaurant that often has people waiting and they often read the signs while they are waiting. It is also very visible when leaving, as it is located close to the door handle.

By Co-Founder & CEO: Bonnie Meier

Juliana Korver and Bonnie Meier, two of the Jubon founders, attended the Iowa Chamber of Commerce Executives (ICCE) meeting in Cedar Falls, IA earlier this month. Compared to the other event sponsors, Jubon stood out based on the fact that we are focusing on communities of 10,000 and under, whereas the other sponsors were targetting much larger communities. If anything, this only solidified our desire to help the smaller communities.

The convention was a great way to meet potential administrators for new Juboned communities and we will certainly look into attending more such conferences in the future.
 By Co-Founder: Bonnie Meier

Will California be the next state to have some of their communities Juboned? Juliana and Bonnie met with several California communities while visiting the third member of the Jubon team, Dr. Clinton Korver. One of the most surprising facts we learned while we were there is that the Chamber dues in some of the quaint California communities are very similar to local Iowa dues. The reception we received was very warm and we are anxious to extend Jubon past the Iowa state line.
By Co-Founder: Bonnie Meier

Last week, two businesses inquired whether they could have permission to use the logo in their advertising. One wanted to encourage people to find their coupon and another just wanted people to know they were on Jubon.

If you are a business owner or represent an organization that is on one of the Jubon maps, we approve and encourage the use of our logo on any of your advertising.

In fact, the Siouxland Press, located in Hospers and Orange City, is checking if their advertisers are on Jubon. If so, they are asking them if they would like to have the Jubon logo in their ads.

So please feel free to use our logo and link to our site. The more traffic we bring to the site the more everyone involved will benefit.
By Co-Founder: Bonnie Meier

This coming January co-founder Bonnie Meier and her husband Lee will be going on a 3 and a half-month cruise around the world. They will be sailing on the Queen Victoria from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Southampton, England. There they will board the Queen Mary II and sail back to New York. You can follow their adventures on Twitter @bmeier (if Internet connections are good). Who knows? Maybe we will pick up some of our first international customers en route.
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