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National Coupons

Last month we unveiled the addition of local coupons on our site which received significant attention. In order to offer you even more ways to save, we have now added national coupons to the site. Currently there are 3 locations on the site where you can find the national coupon “bricks”. All locations link to the same information. You can find the bricks on the following pages: national coupons page,Jubon online coupons page, and at the bottom of the list of Orange City coupons.

The bricks are powered by Coupons, Inc which leads the industry in consumer-printed coupon marketing. Note, the national coupons will look different and will be printed in a different manner than the Jubon online coupons, but hopefully you will find that both will provide you with valuable savings at local businesses.


Site Statistics

One of the most commonly asked questions our sales people face is, "How will people know about the site?" This is always in the forefront of our thoughts as we branch out into new areas such as Facebook and Twitter.

We are continually looking for ways to get our name out in front of as many people as possible. We are also working behind the scenes to ensure that our site be as visible as possible to all the search engines. It is our goal as well as our firm belief that the name Jubon will eventually be synonymous with online city references.

In order to show you how we are measuring up to this large task, we would like to share our monthly web statistics with you. The following stats are from 4/19/09 to 5/16/09:

Unique Visits: 853

This analysis summarizes multiple page impressions of an individual visitor into unique visits. A visitor is counted as an unique visit when requesting one or more pages. If more than 30 minutes have elapsed since the first page impression, further requests will be counted as a new unique visit.

Page Views: 2934

These statistics show all successful page views (also known as page impressions). Only fully loaded pages are counted. Individual images and components are not included.

Pages per Visit: 3.44

The average number of pages opened per unique visit. Only fully loaded pages are counted.

Top Referrer Domains:

Google.com: 36%
orangecityiowa.com: 14%
orangecitystuff.com: 11%
facebook.com: 5%
yahoo.com: 4%
uluventures.com: 4%
twitter.com: 3%

Of the 853 visits to the site, 190 of them contained a referrer that could be evaluated. This analysis shows domains referring to Jubon.biz. Subpages are summarized under the main domain. The following 7 domains represent the top referring sites. The percent is out of only the 190 visits that could be evaluated.


Spotlight: The Hatchery

The Hatchery, owned by Dennis and Cathy Langel, was one of the first Orange City businesses to appear on Jubon. The Langel's continued their ground breaking ways when they were the first to ask Jubon to create their web page, as well as when they were the first to jump at the chance to use the Jubon online coupons. Because of their support and belief in Jubon, we thought it only appropriate for The Hatchery to be our first spotlight business.

The Hatchery is a family oriented restaurant in Orange City that comes by its name naturally as it was an actual hatchery half a century ago. It was converted to a restaurant 18 year ago and the Langel's took ownership 3 years later. They would like to emphasize that kids are welcomed as Denny stated that he is happy when all of the high chairs are being used. They specialize in good family food including Oscars, steaks, chicken, seafood and Mexican meals. Daily specials are offered for both noon and evening dining. You are encouraged to make reservations prior to your visit to ensure that there will be room for you.

Prior to taking over The Hatchery, Dennis worked at a rendering plant, two ready mix plants and 20 years at the Alton Elevator, serving as branch manager for six years of those years.

Dennis is happy with the services provided by Jubon and talked about his experience with Jubon's monthly hidden treasure. This is a promotion whereby a treasure icon is hidden at the start of each month on one of the Orange City business popups on the Jubon map. The placement of the icon represents the actual location of the "treasure", Jubon 8 (little red car) made of felt. Whoever finds the car first can redeem the Jubon 8 for a gift certificate to the business where the treasure was found. When it was The Hatchery's turn to hide the Jubon 8, Dennis went to the Chamber to pick up the little car. When he returned to his restaurant, he was met by someone who was already there to look for the treasure. Dennis told them that he was supposed to hide it. They said they would come back the next day to find it, which they did.

For reservations to The Hatchery, call 712.737.2889. Visit http://hatchery.bizjubon.biz to see a full menu and remember to use the online coupon to get $1.00 off with the purchase of $5.00 or more.